Treasure Hunters Reunite Jewelry to Owners.

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Have you ever lost jewelry on the beach? Do you want to find it? Ask these three vacationist who may have found your jewelry. As they were searching the beach, looking for valuable treasures they stumble upon tons of jewelry.

They decided on trying to return the jewelry to whomever owns it. Many people have been reunited with their rings, watches, and earrings thanks to these fellow treasure hunter vacationists.

They’ve been able to help most homeowners who live near the beach. Most tourist don’t help homeowners except for these very special treasure hunters. They continue to help homeowners during their vacation to find their jewelry in most beaches on Hawaii.

They’ve been given thanks and satisfaction of helping others. It’s been truly a good vacation for them. They think of maybe helping others find their jewelry on the mainland. Who knows. The jewel vacationist maybe helping someone right now.