Fat Shaming Video Goes viral

Stephen Pagano , Reporter

Canadian YouTube star Nicole Arbour has lost a good portion of her fan base after she posted her latest video titled “Dear Fat People.” The video “Dear Fat People” was posted this weekend. In the video she talked about overweight people and how they play a role in America’s obesity crisis which got her YouTube channel temporarily shut down.

“Fat-shaming is not a thing,” Arbour said. “Fat people made that up.” claims Nicole Arbour. She even went as far as too say this, “There’s a race card,” she said. “There’s a disability card. There’s even a gay card, because gay people are discriminated against, wrongfully so. The gay card is covered in glitter.”

While some people say she shut down her channel herself to get some publicity, she said that wasn’t true and that “THEY shut me down” to CNN. Apparently she was right; a YouTube spokesperson later on (Air quotes) mistakenly suspended her account on Sunday but quickly tried to reinstate it.

She also talked about being on an airplane and having to move seats and sit next to a random fat kid. She said that during the plane ride she had to push the fat off of her seat onto his. “If we offend you so much that you lose weight, I’m OK with that,” Arbour said. “I’ll sleep at night.” Earlier, Arbour shut down the comments on her YouTube video, tweeting that it doesn’t mean she’s scared. “It means that I don’t give a f**k what u have 2 say.” “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore, whose show returns to TLC on 9/8, took the chance to respond to Arbour’s video via YouTube.

Arbour has still yet to apologize for the video.