Drive Responsibly; Don’t Drive Drunk!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Driving is a privilege  to everyone who owns a vehicle. Especially teens who don’t drive safely or drive irresponsibly. Police officers have been pulling over many drunk drivers due to bad driving. You wouldn’t want to be caught by the police for drunk driving or else you’ll be given a DUI.

A DUI is basically a drunk driving ticket or something like that. Get too many DUI’s and you could end up in prison or your car taken away. This would be any teen’s nightmare to lose a car their parents bought or they bought.  Never get caught drunk driving.

You must drive responsibly or have a driver who is sober to drive you home. This is the safest way not to get caught by authorities. Any driver should know the first rule on the road especially DON’T DRIVE DRUNK. Police are aware of drunk drivers. Don’t become a drunk driver, drive sober.