What would Donald Trump Do?

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Could it be? Donald Trump running for president? Wel,l it seems Donald Trump knows what he’s doing. He plays smart. Just as he said yesterday night on national television. He envisioned a future of how everything could change.

Certain things about nuclear global warming, releasing prisoners in Iran, and many more. I don’t know what his plan is when he gets elected president or not; he means business. He wanted things different than what Obama has instructed to do.

Trump crosses the line when he goes overboard about problems around the world. His sayings about Obama doesn’t know what’s the biggest problem in the world. Obama thinks global warming, Trump thinks nuclear global warming. Donald Trump is thinking of ways to influence the public to vote for him. Could his presidency lead to peace or chaos? We won’t know until the election. He thinks about the problems in the world so what would he do?

Even if Donald Trump wins or loses the election there are ways he can change things and make them differently. You never know what he could do if he was president. We just have to wait until the election begins.