Dream on at HawaiiCon 2015!

Donna Botelho, Reporter

HawaiiCon 2015 is a great, SciFi and fantasy like convention that appeared this year at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel on the island of Hawaii on February 13th, 2015! It features a lot of vendors and meeting some SciFi writers and comic book writers hosting some meet and greats.

The celebrities also sign and give up some of their time to give out some autographs and and sign fan items that they wish to be signed.

You can dress up as any character or actress you want and meet some new people and take a lot of great pictures, with a lot of friendly activity going on. There are multiple hosting booths with games yet to be released or games already released but giving people a chance to play with some people; like the game Super Smash Bros 4.

There were also some items from famous Tv shows like the famous Tardis from Doctor Who and shirts for limited time sale from the game Five Nights at Freddy’s.

After the event they also featured a Lu’au Dinner by the pool deck with live music and hula dancers in the company of some celebrity guests, too.

Some of our own students here went to HawaiiCon 2015, and express their own opinion and experiences at HawaiiCon. Aliyah Paige expressed her own experience at HawaiiCon on her Instagram page. Saying she had a great time and in one of the pictures, expressed she met a Pikachu, a cosplayer dressed up as the famous Pokemon.

The event was a fun and nice experience for most people and express their gratitude and their want to go to next years Convention! Even some people who didn’t go, hearing of the experience, want to go next year.

And thats the end of the dream of HawaiiCons convention for 2015. See you next year.