Two Students Found Dead After Bus Accident.

Stephen Pagano, Reporter

On Tuesday, September 15th at about 7 a.m. in Houston Texas a Bus accident happened resulting in the death of two high school students and injuring two others. School officials say the bus driver was also seriously injured. The school bus hit the guardrail and went soaring over the freeway and flipping onto the road below.

A woman driving a Buick LaSabre next to the School bus hit the bus assuming a car was trying to drive into her lane. Houston’s police department spokesmen Victor Senties said to reporters at a news conference this morning.

“The bus driver attempted to over-correct and put it over the overpass,” Senties told reporters of the bus.

Victor said to the reporters that the woman responsible was detained by the police; however, there were no citations or charges against her at the current moment. At the time there were four students on board – two boys and two girls. One of the girls was declared dead at the scene She was 17 while another girl was declared dead at the hospital she was 14. All the other people aboard the bus where seriously injured.

Law enforcement officials shut down a portion of the freeway pending an investigation. The school bus was heading to a school called Furr High.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragedy,” Houston Independent School District Superintendent Terry Grier said.

At the moment investigators are looking at the footage from the cameras along the road and from the seven security cameras on the school bus to identify how exactly this accident happened.

The school said that the bus driver has been working for them for almost three years and has a clean driving record. The records that the bus last went under maintenance in June. The school bus was also purchased new in 2008, and had seat belts equipped in them.

Houston, Texas runs the largest public school system in Texas with almost 215,000 students. It also runs about 950 school buses every morning which carries and transports around 34,000 students.