Homecoming Competition Requirements

Miranda Canniff, Reporter

Spirit points are an important part of the activities associated with Homecoming. To get spirit points, the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors at Kohala High School all compete as individual classes to see who can win the most amount of points before the school year is over. Class competitions like these are an integral part of the annual Homecoming festivities held at Kohala High.


Class competitions include 3 major categories. Each class must submit a parade float to be displayed in the Homecoming Parade on October 17th, 2015, and a banner to accompany it. This year, classes will also be judged on their class shirts. Other activities that attribute to the total amount of spirit points each class receives include class participation in the Homecoming Assembly and Spirit Week.


The 3 main categories will  judged on both basic requirements and a rubric called General Requirements. These categories are the foundation of judging for all class competition categories. Basic requirements are guidelines for what should be placed on a class’s banner, T-shirt, or parade float.


A rule of Homecoming is that if any competition material is worked on during class time, the entire class is disqualified and unable to receive any spirit points for that category.


The Homecoming Float is worth the most amount of spirit points (170 total points).The basic requirements (worth 30 of the 170 possible points), state that each float must include the theme “Devour Those Daggers” (due to the fact that this year’s Homecoming Game will be played against Pahoa), as well as the class name, mascot, class colors, and their year of graduation.


The General Requirements Rubric states that judges will take theme, school spirit, durability, and overall appearance into consideration when looking over floats. This section of the Homecoming Float judging will be worth a total of 120 points.


The Homecoming Banners (to be displayed at the Homecoming Assembly and held up during the parade), are worth 75 total spirit points. Banners must also include the theme “Devour Those Daggers”, class name, year of graduation, class colors, and a class mascot. These requirements are worth up to 15 points.


Homecoming Banners will also be judged on theme and overall appearance (worth 60 points).


Class T-shirts will be worn at the Homecoming Parade and throughout the year to show individual class, as well as school pride. T-shirt designs are worth 100 points. For basic requirements, T-shirts must include class names, years of graduation, class colors, class mascots, and class colors. Basic requirements are worth 20 points.
General Requirement categories include use of space, use of colors, design, and creativity, This section of the T-shirt category is worth 80 points.