Spirit Point Standings

Spirit points are a major part of the student activities at Kohala High School. As of September 11th, 2015, the spirit point standings are as follows.


In first place for spirit point totals are the Seniors with 337 total points. The Senior class of 2016 started off strong by winning the “Save the Citizen” activity hosted at the first assembly, earning 20 spirit points.


They continued their reign by winning yet another 20 points with the most amount of their class participating in the Senior Citizen Dress-Up Day held on August 20th. A total of 15% of the senior class participated in this activity.


On September 10th, 20% of the senior class participated in Suicide Prevention Day by wearing yellow, adding another 20 points to their total spirit point standings.


At the Schoolwide Bonding held on September 11th, the Seniors fell behind the Junior class, coming in second place for the Schoolwide Bonding spirit point winnings. They won 15 points by dressing up in their class colors (teal and silver), 15 points from the Scavenger Hunt, 202 points from the Lip-sync Competition, and 45 points from the egg drop.


The Freshmen are currently in second place with a total of 289 points. Coming in second place for the “Save the Citizen” activity, the freshmen started their first year of high school with a bang.


They also came in second place for the Dress-up Day, with 11% participation from their class.


The freshmen class fell behind on Suicide Prevention Day after earning third place with 6.9% class participation.


In the Schoolwide Bonding, the freshmen also placed third with a total of 229 points. The freshmen earned these points by gaining 20 points with the majority of their class dressed in the freshmen class colors(red and black), 10 points from the Scavenger Hunt, 179 points from the Lip-Sync, and 20 points from the Egg Drop.


Juniors are currently in third place with 283 points. They were disqualified in the “Save the Citizen” event, but made a comeback at the Schoolwide Bonding by winning 258 points.


At the Bonding, the juniors won 5 points from dressing in class colors(orange and white), 15 points from the Scavenger Hunt, 208 points from the Lip-sync, and 30 points for the Egg Drop.


The Juniors also won 10 points on Senior Citizen Dress-up Day for having 7.46% of their class dress up as senior citizens. 11.4% of their class wore yellow for Suicide Prevention Day and the Juniors won another 15 points contributing to their total score.


In last place are the Sophomores with 246 total spirit points. Sophomores fell behind from the beginning, winning 10 points from “Save the Citizen” only because of the Junior class’s disqualification.


The sophomore class received 5 points from the Senior Citizen Dress-up with 7.41% class participation. They won another 5 points by placing last with the least amount of students wearing yellow in support of Suicide Prevention Day. 3.4% of the sophomore class participated in this activity.


At the Schoolwide Bonding, the Sophomores gained 10 points from dressing in class colors(maroon and white), 5 points from the Scavenger Hunt, 186 points from the Lip-sync, and 25 points from the Egg Drop. The Sophomore class ended the Schoolwide Bonding with a total of 226 points.


The upcoming Homecoming activities will be a major contributing factor towards who pulls ahead in the spirit point standings.