McDonald’s Opening All-Day Breakfast Soon!

Steven Pagano, Reporter

If your a die hard fan of McDonald’s, chances are that you already know that coming next month McDonald’s is adding an all day breakfast menu. On October 6th McDonald’s will be launching one of its biggest moves in history – all day long breakfast. In around two weeks from now you will be able to get a hash brown any time of the day (while supplies last). For years people have been devistated about the fact that McDonald’s has stopped serving breakfast by the time the clock hit 10:30 in the morning.

But now people finally have the chance to be able to order a hash brown at 10:31 and later in the morning.

Keep in mind that the all day breakfast menu will either give you the choice of an egg McMuffin themed menu or a biscuit menu not both. According to The Wall Street Journal about 25% of  sales are in it’s breakfast hours, 33% of its sales are in its breakfast hours, and 42% of its sales are during its dinner hours. McDonald’s hopes this big  move will help them grow their revenue since recently it’s been at an all time low.

Steve Easterbook the new CEO of McDonald’s since January, has made a promise to improve McD’s food quality. He made a turnaround plan in May of this year. He’s going to experiment with new sandwiches, all day breakfast, and the way a customer orders.