#ShoutYourAbortion: Embrace or Criticize?

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

It’s been spreading all over social media, and only one question to ask – why should women be criticized for talking about their abortions? The recent news about the Republican Party eliminating funding from Planned Parenthood inspired a woman to post her opinion on how  her abortion affected her. Eventually it took off and women related more to the same story she posted. They talked more about how their abortions affected them and of government affecting their choices on having an abortion.

Women took action and fought for what they believed in on both sides. Women became enraged and said things to other women such as baby killer or child murderer. Other women talked about the positive outcomes on their lives from the choices they made.

The only reason this is happening is because women have a right to choose what they want, not what the republic wants. They want to keep abortions legal so they can have options such as a Planned Parenthood, which offers a lot more health care for women than just abortions. It’s the woman’s choice, not the nation’s ‘ choice.

If you had a choice as a woman, what is your choice?

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