Fall Break is around the corner

Donna Botelho, Reporter

With the first quarter of the school year coming to a end and the season for screams and scares coming around, a fall break is just around the corner. And well deserved with the work put into by the students and teachers alike this school year!

The fall break starts up next week (October 5th to the 9th) and school starts up the week after. Many students are already excited to be done with 1st quarter of the school year.

Be ready, we might be able to change around our resources periods and get a new one with the new quarter. Although for some of the resource periods you may stay in like the Yearbook Resource class, which you can stay in for the entire school year. So be sure to think about it if you wish to change out.

Have a good and safe beginning of October and Fall Break from all of us here at the KHS broadcasting team!