Kohala students planning a trip to Italy and Greece

Steven Pagano, Reporter

Recently Kohala School has been looking for some students to go on a educational tour to Greece and Italy. The main problem is that each student must find a way to raise a little over $4,000. This tour is a 12 day trip starting off with a whole day in the plane or about 23 hours long according to Google, finally ending up in Athens.

The first Day (which is Day 2 because the plane ride is so long) in Athens is really just getting to know our tour director. We will also be checking out the Plaka District & the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

On Day 3 The students will be taking a guided tour of Athens. With the tour guide we will see the Olympic Stadium. Also we will check out the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike and visit the Acropolis Museum, take a walking tour of Athens, see the Plaka District, and Temple of Olympian Zeus and participate in a Greek dance lesson.

On Day 4 we will be traveling to Delphi in the Meteora district.

On Day 5 we will be traveling via night ferry to Igoumenitsa.

On Day 6 we will arrive in Ancona in the afternoon then continue onto Florence.

On Day 7 we will be in Florence checking out the Piazza della Signoria. The Piazza della Signoria was named after Palazzo Vecchino it was built around 1330Ponte Vecchio, the bridge, was known to at least be built around 996 AD. Chiesa di Santa Croce is a the worlds largest Franciscan church in the world It was constructed in 1442 by Pope Eugene IV. And the Gates of Paradise the gates where believed to be built in 897 as a minor Basilica. In 1128 it was consacrated as a baptistery.

On Day 8 we will be traveling to Rome and will be taking  guided tour of it. Then we will be visiting the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The Roman Colosseum was constructed around 70 to 80 AD. It was and still is the largest amphitheater ever built. The Roman Forum was built by the ruins of important ancient government that are at the very heart of the city. It was a very commercial place back in the day and still is.

On Day 9 the students would check out Vatican City. Later we will visit the Sistine Chapel. Sistine chapel is a chapel that was opened in 1483 but construction on it started in 1473. Originally it was called Cappella Magna. It takes its name from the Pope Sixtus IV. You may have seen it before Here’s a picture. Later on the students will visit the St. Peter’s Basilica. Then we have time to explore on our own.

On Day 10 we will be taking a guided tour of Pompeii where actually I just learned some of my ancestors are from, then after our tour we will head to Sorrento.

On Day 11 we will be traveling via ferry to Capri. We will also take yet another tour of Capri and then enjoy a boat cruise there. Then after all the fun is done we will head back to Rome.

On Day 12 (Final Day) we will fly back to Hawaii!

I am also looking for Donations for the trip (The Link Below Is My donation website)