Brazilian Referee Goes Insane!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

And he’s going for the goal, passing it on to Rodriguez, passing it to Conto, and he makes it in. GOAL! Oh no! What’s this? The referee is bringing out a firearm? How unusual and very dangerous! RUN!

Yes, it was the start of a low-league soccer game. Throughout the game a team on the bleachers decided to make some trouble to the referee. The ref was being treated horribly by the visiting team and he was not happy. He pulled up a red card and the team became outraged. They started messing around with the coach by stealing his whistle and making the plays as if it was a game.

The referee got mad and decided to pull out a gun and tried to shoot the visiting team. You see back then that referee used to be a policeman who worked in the force for a fair amount of time. He was trained to be the best police officer he can and then he became a referee. He got so mad when the visiting team fooled around with him and he got so furious that his cop instincts kicked in and tried to kill off the team.

Announcers and the officials decided to stop the game and take a break. The referee was eventually persuaded to leave and the game continued with a new ref. Can you imagine what this guy was going through? I mean being treated like that so the team can cheat? The guy’s a cop for god’s sake and you want to mess with him. I would do the same if I was trained for the police academy. But really the other team would do this they were only losing 5-18. Wouldn’t you get mad and try to do something  about it? Of course you would.