Electronics Policy Amended

After much debate among faculty and in consideration of the student body’s requests, the announcement has finally been made. Electronics are now legal at Kohala High.


For years now, the use of personal electronic devices at Kohala High School has become a major issue. Prior to this new policy, many changes have been made to the agreement, introducing stricter rules and harsher punishments.


Now, the rules have been changed, and students are allowed to use their cellphones and other electronic devices outside of class.


On Monday, September 28th, Principal Snelling made the announcement in the bulletin stating the changes made in the electronics policy after the teacher faculty meeting that took place on Tuesday, September 22nd after school.


The new policy states that “Cell phone use will be allowed during non-instructional times”. This means that electronic devices will be allowed to use before school, during recess, and after the school day is done.


The new rules also say that earphones or earbuds must be used to listen to music, and that speakers are not allowed.


The rules for electronic use during class and/or instructional time will remain the same. Electronics will only be allowed during class with teacher permission, and music will not be allowed.