Shige’s Closed for Opening of Minit Stop

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Shige’s gas station located in Hawi has been announced to be closed down on September 30, 2015. The business is over 50 years and founded by Shigeru Higa.

The gas station will be taken down to build a Ohana Fuel and Minit Stop(much like the one located in Waimea).  Construction has already begun and not much is known for what will happen to the employees of Shige’s although it is confirmed that positions for the transitioned self service station have been offered to the former employees.

The auto repair shop that was once apart of Shige’s and owned by Darren DelaCruz is still a continued business as the shop just relocated. Although the former workers of Shige’s and Harold himself aren’t at Shige’s anymore, that doesn’t mean that they are completely gone.  We can still look forward to seeing  them more in our community.