JV Volleyball against Pahoa

Donna Botelho, Reporter

The JV volleyball team (Junior Varsity) has had some of a rough time with their games but they still have had a couple of wins. They have won against Pahoa in the past, but what about their most recent game against the Pahoa team? The team consists of Mekaila Pasco, Gabby Thomas, Angel Ramos , Reece Hooton , Mashayla Guzman , Whitley Francisco, Cheyenne Fuertes, Nicole Castillo, Kiele Carpio, Devyn Redican, Chloe Kaluaau and Stephie , a variety from the high school.

Within the first set of the game against Pahoa, The score was 22-25, With the Kohala team just losing the first set. But with a great comeback for the second set Kohala team set out with a great 25-17. And lastly for the third and last set the Kohala team won against Pahoa with a score of 16-14 for the third set.

The Kohala team won against the Pahoa team twice, once in the past and now with their most recent game. Lets hope that the team continues with their winning streak! With their next game and last game being on Friday. Wish luck to all the members of the volleyball team.