Pep Rally Gets Rained Out


Christopher Asagra

Mya Bartsch, Sherri Bartsch, and Jadelynn Carvalho

Miranda Canniff, Reporter

One could say that the Pep Rally lost its pep on Thursday night when the Kohala High hosted community Homecoming celebration was rained out. The event, held on October 15th, was meant to raise spirits and get the community hyped up for Homecoming, as well as congratulate the Kohala Cowboys Football team on winning the BIIF 8-man Football Championship.


Despite the rain, members of the Kohala community still managed to enjoy themselves. The night consisted of good food from STUCO and the football team, as well as entertainment supplied by Island Boyz. Among the events was a video filled with highlights from this year’s football season.


Kohala High School students and family spent the majority of the night talking story under covered walkways. Although the promised letter burning never took place due to the rain, members of the Kohala community entertained themselves by dancing, eating, and listening to the live music.


Also at the Pep Rally, the Kohala High School cheerleaders performed a cheer, and Yuki Zybytovsky was congratulated for breaking the KHS Girls’ 3 mile record time, last set in 2009. A plaque will be put up in the weight room to honor her achievement.


The Kohala Cowboys Football team led cheers to celebrate their upcoming last game of the season and were honored for winning the 8-Man Championship. The football boys will play against the Pahoa Daggers as a part of Homecoming on October 17th, 2015.