The Homecoming Dance Update!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Didn’t go to the Homecoming Dance? Want some info? It was a blast. This year’s homecoming  dance was pretty good I guess.  We had many people participate in this year’s homecoming and therefore I hope it was good. Most people said “Hey, it was pretty great.” Others say “It could’ve been better.” Even If some people didn’t go and I don’t provide exact info, try asking some of your fellow classmates. I’ll bet they had a great time and will give you some info on what happen.

There was lights, there was music, there was action.  I can’t even imagine how many people were there. Maybe a fair amount. Anyway, there was lots of colorful lights and most people rocked the dance floor. Sometimes throughout the dance people would sit then go back to dancing then take a break again and dance again. It was mostly and on and off dance. I’m sure many people had a great time at homecoming dancing and having lots of fun all through the dance. If you are not happy with the results please visit www. and please talk to me and don’t freak out about the info I provided was terrible.

Information came from Interviews