Hurricane Olaf Approaches The Hawaiian Islands

Steven Pagano, Reporter

Olaf, the 11th Hurricane this season is nearing the Big Island of Hawaii. Olaf started as Tropical Depression Nineteen-E then strengthened to Tropical Storm Olaf on October 16th. The National Hurricane center said that it formed 1,500 miles southwest of Mexico’s Baja California. The storm had maximum sustained winds of up to 40 miles per hour and was moving west at 14 mile per hour.

AS of Tuesday, October 21st Hurricane Olaf has strengthened into a category 4 hurricane. It now has a maximum of 130 miles per hour of sustained winds. You can expect the Hurricane to strengthen within the next week. Olaf seems to be nearing us at about 12 miles per hour. On its current track Hurricane Olaf is not expected to hit the Hawaiian islands but as with all tropical storm forecasts they can be uncertain.

The National Hurricane Center based in Florida is monitoring the Hurricane very closely and it is being monitored regularly. They say it is expected to move right above our Hawaiian Islands (like majority of storms) but then continue to strengthen into a category 5 hurricane.