It’s a Category 4 Storm – Hurricane Olaf!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Look out! It’s Olaf the snowman and he’s coming to destroy us all! No? It’s not a snowman? Oh no, it’s even worse. It’s a Category 4  hurricane. That’s right. We have just received news about a Category 4 Hurricane that’s coming to Hawaii near the east and southwest of the island. Hurricane Olaf has maintained the power as a Category 4 storm.

Hurricane Olaf’s winds remain a high 150 mph making it a major storm whipping up. It was located 1,325 miles east-southeast of Honolulu and approximately 1,115 miles away from the Big Island. Sounds like we’re about to have a hell of a storm considering that this storm is a CATEGORY 4 storm. Big Island forecasters have been keeping track of Hurricane Olaf and have been researching about how powerful this storm could be.

Satellite imagery discovered a well-defined eye in the storm and it seems this might be the biggest storm we will ever witness unless the storm gets weaker as it reaches the islands. Until further research has been conducted we don’t know if Hurricane Olaf will get stronger or weaker. And if  the storm was to hit will we survive Hurricane Olaf?

Information came from HNN