Hurricane Olaf has weakened

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Sorry about the inconvenience of the storm being a Category 4 but new info has come. It appears to be that Hurricane Olaf has weakened to a tropical storm far east and northeast of Hawaii. I just hope that the storm does not begin to strengthen. CPHC said that Hurricane Olaf’s winds have begun to weaken to 60 mph winds.

The storm was said to continue its general motion through Monday to Tuesday. The storm force winds have extended to 160 miles outward. Although the storm has brought some strong swells into the currents so for all surfers just be aware if you get caught in any of these swells. There will be hazardous surf. It may be life threatening so be careful when swimming and be cautious of the tide.

Hurricane Olaf may have been weakened but it will bring some hazardous weather and tide change. CPHC will bring up any new info on the storm but for now just be cautious and be aware of any weather or tide warnings.

Information came from HNN