Weird Object Found 1,500 Light Years Away

Stephen Pagano, Reporter

Quite recently NASA, along with the help of the Kepler Space Telescope, discovered a strange object near a star called KIC 8462852. Scientists say its unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s so strange that astronomers can’t completely deny the fact that it could be signs of an alien civilization. They found this out because they noticed some blobs blocking some of the stars light from our view. They say it dimmed drastically and strangely.  The blobs didn’t seem to follow and sort of pattern instead they move randomly making the reality of them being a planet even less likely.

Some of the theories include it being a giant swarm of comets or remnants of a broken up planet. There have been little to no evidence however to lead to these. That’s why some people believe that these could be Dyson Spheres. The Dyson Spheres could act like a humangous group of solar panels orbiting KIC8462852 to harvest its energy. Another Theory is that somewhere in between us and KIC 8462852 there is a black hole.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life) is an organization that focuses only on finding life somewhere else in the universe. They say they are monitoring this star and these so called “blobs” and should find out if this does involve alien life within the next week or so.