November: The Gratitude Month

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

The Halloween month was fun and all but now it’s time to get ready for the Thanksgiving Month. There are lots of things happening this month and that’s why we should be so thankful. Redeem yourself with thirty days of gratitude to prove that you have thanks and you appreciate everything that has happen to you. Many things are coming your way this month so be prepared. We got Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and School Activities.

May not seem a lot but you can check out the school calendar and see what we got for School Activities. Don’t worry about anything in the future or troubles in the past. Enjoy every moment right now. Be thankful. That’s why this month is called the Gratitude Month. Be joyful, be hopeful, be thankful.

Thanksgiving may be a while but we can occupy ourselves with all these other things happening. There may not be much info on what’s happening in school but just remember it’s a thankful month and we should all appreciate the fact that we can improve our lives for the better and the many many more to come. This article is to remind you of thanks. It’s November. BE THANKFUL! Try actually giving some thanks this month even if you don’t care as much.