Candies Probed

Stephen Pagano, Reporter

Please check out your child’s Halloween candy before they eat it. Recently children have been getting little surprises with these surprises being needles. Police in Philadelphia launched a food tampering investigation Sunday after getting multiple reports of needles in children’s Halloween candy.

The police later took to social media posting a photo of the candy showing the needles inside them. It looks very similar to one off a sewing machine. The needles were all found in Twix and Snickers bars. And all of the candy reports were given to children under the age of 12.

There have been multiple reports of this around the country. One kid who seemed credible at the time said that she found a foreign object in her candy. It later turned out to be a hoax, probably for attention.

Now if you don’t think this applies to us, it does. Reports of this happening has started to spawn in our state. It was reported in Waimanalo that this little girl bit into her candy and found a well sharp surprise, as well as other reports on Oahu. This case has been classified as second degree attempted assault. The police in all the cases around the country are working to figure this case out. They say that finding the person responsible is very unlikely and that its really just a matter of getting awareness out there.