Could Dengue Fever Spread in Hawaii?

As you may know there were once problems with this dengue fever in Oahu. Now it’s beginning again and it may spread. Dengue Fever is  a disease or sickness that mosquitoes carry and it may be worse than Malaria or West Nile Virus. Dengue is a new found disease in mosquitos and it can make a person or animal very sick. They say the effects begin with rashes then fevers, aches and nausea.

The fever effect can be sudden once bitten by a mosquito that may carry the sickness. Aches begin to numb almost the entire body and make you stiff as rock. Nausea constantly happens when the aches and fever begin to strengthen and make the person or animal unable to move whatsoever. They can’t even lift a finger. You must be aware of being bitten often by mosquitoes because that’s how the disease is spread.

It is strongly advised that you be careful at all times when mosquitoes are around. Try using some bug repellent to keep those mosquitoes away. The sickness is not endemic which is why it is so unusual for it to happen again. Remember to stay cautious of mosquitoes and try your absolute best to stay away from them.

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