Airport Contraband Ups Security!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Have you carried anything that may be contraband in your hand carry or suitcase? Be aware! Airport security makes sure no contraband gets on the plane. But there have been reports of contraband constantly being sighted on airport scanners. They have found bottles of wine, sharp objects, hidden weapons, steel knuckles, tools, cigarettes, e-cigs, and even firearms.

All citizens who will be traveling will be checked often. Before scanning, after scanning, during flight wait, after leaving the gate, and before leaving the airport. If contraband is found in luggage, fines will be given or security arrest. It is important that no contraband is found. Now with so many recent finds of contraband, airport security has been looking for new recruits and airports have upped baggage check.

Airport scanners have been upgraded to set off a siren if contraband is found. I may be wrong but still contraband is contraband. With so much contraband found airport lines have been slowing happy travelers to get to there destinations.  People have also been found with contraband strapped to their clothes, hidden in their shoes, pants shirts and coats. Whenever contraband was found it took maybe a 3 – 4 hour wait just to go through all of it.

Remember not to bring any contraband when traveling. It is important they are not found or even with you. Airport contraband can get you in serious trouble.  Please try to not bring any at all even when your leaving your destination. Don’t try to bring any contraband back home. It’s for safety reasons.

Information came from HNN