TMT Work Progresses

Steven Pagano, Reporter

According to, work on the telescope is still progressing. The telescope’s primary mirror is being made right now in Japan. There are also numerous  other parts for the telescope being made across the globe. Over 100 of the 574 mirror blanks for the 30 meter telescope have been made already. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has already made a special polishing procedure for each individual mirror.

More research and development on the telescope is also being done in India. But the biggest contributor is Japan at the moment. TMT’s mirror will consist of about 492 hexagonal segmented mirrors. It will also include an additional 82 spare segments. The current Keck telescope on Mauna Kea has a similar design but it only uses 36 mirror segments. Compared to the Keck telescope, TMT is expected to have 156 more light gathering power. It is also expected to have more than 13 time more resolving power than that of the Hubble Telescope.

TMT is expected to deliver deeper and sharper images then any telescope before it on land and in space. This will help find habitable planets for when we can’t sustain ourselves here on Earth and take a closer look at how early galaxies are formed. Hundreds of people that are around the globe are working together to build this telescope whether it be astronomers, engineers, and technicians.