Donna Botelho, Reporter

It is not just Paris we should pray for, but the entire world.

Beirut who was bombed two days before Paris is not in the news or covered by the press. In Baghdad a bomb went off at a funeral. And no one’s status says “Pray For Baghdad” Why? Because not one “American” died in that fire. What  about Japan, earthquakes and upcoming tsunami (18k people dead/missing). And Lebanon where an ISIS attack has killed 150 people.

This world is a very filthy place, where they blame an entire culture for a bombing from a group. Where we don’t differentiate the people who were attacked and the people who are running from the very same thing as you.

The world is falling apart in each corner, and not in the places and towers that we all find so familiar.

So by all means pray for Paris, but pray more for the people who have no prayers.