ISIS Threatens To Attack Washington D.C.!

Jonard Asencion , Reporter

Terrorists have finally come to an understanding to bring America to its knees. There have been bomb strikes in Paris  and their next target may be D.C., the stronghold of our nation. They have begun to threaten the U.S. demanding that if  the Crusader campaign try to stop them they will do to Washington, D.C as they did to France. They will show no mercy if anyone gets in their way. There is no telling what else they could do before they strike the very  heart of America. There have been many similar threats from these terrorists and they’ve started marking territories by painting logos and ISIS propaganda.

They’ve been able to get themselves on camera for all to see with death threats to camera crews and news reporters. I believe ISIS is planning something more than just bombing America and other nations. Due to their threats they are demanding control and domination. They are working hard to create a greater army. If you think they’re done here, they’re not. They are getting ready for something that we may not be prepared for. If they control  D.C., they control the nation. We can’t let that happen. But this is only a threat. We don’t know if it will happen or not. We must be prepared.

More information at CNN.