The Meaning of Thanksgiving

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

Thanksgiving is coming up just around the corner now, this in most cases means feasting, four-day weekends, football games and family reunions. The first Thanksgiving was neither a feast nor a football game, it was a very simple gathering. Trailing the Mayflower’s arrival at Plymouth Rock on Dec 11, 1620, The Pilgrims lost nearly half of their colonists. With help from Indians (Native Americans), the Pilgrims that remained persevered through the harsh, cold winter and brought in a lavish harvest in 1621. In ceremony of their ample harvest, the Pilgrims and Indians united, preparing a traditional English festival lasting three days, creating “Thanksgiving”.

Thanksgiving’s meaning has encountered numerous transformations- an expression of gratefulness for survival, a council’s recognition for it’s prosperous community, a submission of the natives, a defeat over the British, resulting in a assembly of America’s traditions and beliefs.

In the Bible, the meaning of Thanksgiving emulated admiration, praise, sacrifice, or an offering. Thanksgiving was an act of worship towards God, to express gratefulness. The meaning of Thanksgiving was focusing on the relationship between God and man, it began with acknowledging God as faithful, earnestly, and giving him thanks for his bounteous blessings.

Over the course of years and years, families have developed their own traditions and customs to their Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving has been bringing people across the nation in unity to celebrate a common purpose. It is a compromise of differences as well as a time of recollection for the people of our nation, and will continue to be for generations to come.

Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful!