YouTuber controversy; when does prank go too far?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Recently YouTuber stars have always had some types of hate because of their choice of career and such. But there is a fine line between humor and just being a jerk. YouTube “Star” Sam Pepper has had a lot of hate in the past because of his choice of videos and content. He has assaulted some girls in past video and is still here. What’d he do this time?

In one of his most recent videos uploaded to his YouTube channel he has a “Prank” labeled “Killing Best Friend Prank” in which he and two other people, another Sam and Colby (Colby is in on the prank and they’ve been friends for  5 years). During the prank he and Colby are driving through a street and the car stops, so Colby goes out to check. A figure clad in Black goes out (Pepper) and grabs Colby, pretending to drag him. He then takes Sam, puts something over his head, ties him up and puts him in the back of his trunk.

Pepper then drags Sam to a rooftop and ties him to a chair while Colby sits down. Pepper then puts a fake gun to Colby and is ready to shot him while Sam yells over and over that they’re just kids and they got the wrong people. The most heartbreaking moment is when just before Pepper “shoots,” Sam yells, “Please! He’s all I got!”

Sam is very sad for the reminder for of the video when he gets up and yells its just a prank. Sam says over and over “I actually thought you were dead.” The video has earned a lot of controversy as some people have commented it is “immoral” and that Sam might end up having PTSD because of that. He appears to be okay in the video though. Any opinion on this video?