Scenic Byway: A Threat to Kohala


Akoni Pule Hwy runs from Kawaihae out to Pololu Valley Lookout.

CJ Yamamoto

Over the past few months, a plan for a scenic byway in Kohala has been started. My opinion on this scenic byway is a NO GO because of how many locations that will be held from us locals. These locations were here way before this byway came into play. But as a young boy I could always remember my grandfather telling me this, “people coming to Kohala they like learn the history but it is up to us locals to protect it and fight for our rights.” This byway system is not a good idea because as the future children of Kohala we will have to deal with all the negatives that will occur during our life times and not during those that are in favor of the byway. I feel that as younger generations of Kohala from a strong lineage feel that we started here and we will sure as hell end here.

The scenic byway committee of only a little more than 10 members have been meeting for quite some time, discussing the plans. Why wasn’t the community informed about the meetings that were being held as the applications were filled out and sent to the department of transportation? I feel that even if we were to have a byway it will not help all the local businesses here in Kohala.  It will only support the zip line companies and also the ATV rides but not all the small local businesses that actually need the help. The main people that actually help those local businesses are us locals and we keep each other going by sharing the aloha.