Kohala Soccer Team has first game at Konawaena

Kaid Nickl, Reporter

As the soccer players from Kohala High filed off the bus at Konawaena, you could feel the excitement in the air.

On Tuesday, December 1st, Kohala’s soccer team had their very first game at Konawaena High School against the Konawaena Wildcats. The game kicked off at 6pm with a bang, as players from both sides exploded into action. Kohala was defeated 9-0 by mercy rule in the latter part of the second half. However, both teams played valiantly  and with great fervor.

Keeper Christian Cedillos from Kohala kept the relentless offense of the Wildcats at bay with amazing goalkeeping and stellar saves.

Middle defenseman James Apostadiro also put up a fight, keeping the ball firmly in Kohala’s possession, while directing fellow defenders to ideal locations and luring opponents off-sides.

Offensive forwards Louis Arraujo and Tanya Adams kept the pressure on Konawaena, with many scoring opportunities arising from their support.

Midfielders Isaiah Moreno and Garbrielle Boyle assured centerfield dominance while on the offense and provided invaluable help on the defensive side, intercepting passes and stopping breakthroughs.

All players showed teamwork in a respectful loss for Kohala, accepting defeat graciously.

Kohala’s next game is at Honoka’a on Dec. 8th at 3:00.