Kaid Nickl , Reporter

Ever heard that noise? I’ll give you a hint: It comes from one of the most iconic fathers in television. Still no? The legendary onomatopoeia comes from Homer Simpson, the man of the Simpson family, which in turn, are the stars of one of the most satirical shows ever aired in America: The Simpsons.

Created by Matt Groening and set in the fictional town of Springfield, The Simpsons represents a humorous spin on the average life of a middle-class American family. This family is composed of baby Maggie, 8-year old sister Lisa, 10-year old brother Bart, and Homer Simpson along with his wife, Marge Simpson. Although Homer’s occupation is a safety inspector at the towns power plant, he has a reckless and carefree personality.

There are also many, many more secondary characters that all have their own background story, such as the Indian Kwik-E Mart owner Apu, who is a Hindu and has 10 children. Or Ned Flanders, a formerly Amish Christian neighbor who has a very unique lingo, (Look it up, it’s really odd.) and is often a source of Homer’s rage and jealousy.

One of the most famous aspects of the show is the intro. Although the very first seconds are almost always identical, (Clouds parting to show “The Simpsons” written in the sky.) after those brief moments the scenery changes rapidly, showing different art styles or areas of Earth. Another quirk of the intro is that the Simpsons always end up on their couch, after which the individual episodes start. One such beginning could have Homer traveling through the bowels of someone, only to end up with his family on a couch made of intestines. Another may have the family exploring an M.C. Escher painting to locate a distorted couch.

It only gets better once the show actually starts. The Simpsons universe is stuffed to the seams with references that poke fun at politics, celebrities, current issues and much more. In fact, a girls fashion store (Which is run by an eccentric bisexual man) in Springfield is named “Forever Waist Size 21”, in parody of  the store named “Forever 21”. This store isn’t a one-off gag, though. One episode involves Homer joining an anti-exercise group called “Big Is Beautiful”. The group of obese adults protests in front of this store, denouncing it as a source of shame for larger people. If someone wanted to make an article about cameos in the Simpsons, it would extend to nearly infinity. Nothing in the Simpsons world is forgotten, you can almost guarantee that a joke or landmark will show up in another episode.

The Simpsons started out as an interesting twist on an animated sitcom, but had a snowball effect over the years, leading to the immensly popular show it is today. Whether the show is teasing the EPA about squirrel treatment or mocking Robert Siegel from NPR, this middle-class family never grows old. (Literally and figuratively.) And don’t have a cow, man, they’re going to be around for a while more.