Winter Spirit Week Themes 2015 (December 7-11)

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

This year’s winter spirit week has finally arrived!

Spirit week is a great chance to show some spirit for the holiday season, by dressing up in the selected themes for each day of the week and by engaging in fun activities created by the school. Spirit week will be lasting from this Monday, Dec 7, to Friday, Dec 11.

Although the deadlines for December 7th and 8th have already passed, you can still show your school spirit by dressing up for this week’s remaining spirit days.

Wednesday’s spirit week theme will be “Ugly Sweater Day”. In order to participate in this spirit day, break out your awful christmas sweater and wear it to school. If the sweater’s colors clash, if the sweater lights up and sparkle, or if things are sticking off of it, we want to see it!. (50% dressed)

On Thursday the spirit week theme is going to be “Christmas Morning”. To participate in this spirit day, come to school dressed in your pajamas (still dress code appropriate) and accessorize with pillow pets, blankets or even some warm slippers.(100% dressed)

Friday’s spirit week theme will be “Christmas Spirit”. Show some Christmas spirit and come to school dressed in red and/or green. Accessorize yourself with some christmas decorations, ornaments, lights, etc. (100% dressed in accessories)

Advisory Winter door decorating is also happening this week up until Friday, Dec 11. Doors must be decorated on the interior of the door and contain no religion. Doors must also be decorated during non-classtime hours (first recess, lunch recess). Doors will be judged on Friday, Dec 11, and the winning advisories of each class will win a pizza party for their advisory.

Winter lip sync practice is also happening this week and will continue up until the next assembly. Lip sync practice is currently happening for each class this week, so if you or someone you know wants to participate, now’s your chance. Section decorating for Winter lip sync is currently happening, if you wish to join section decorating visit Ms.Ubilas’s office to pick up the permission form. See Ms. Tia Ubilas or your class officers for more details.