DUI With Self Driving Cars?

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Wait, self driving cars?!?!  You heard me right.  Ever since 2011, the first law was passed in Nevada to allow the use of driverless autonomous vehicles on the road.  It is 2015 now and more and more and more states are passing this law as well.

These driverless cars are funded by Google and are legal in California, Michigan, Florida, and Nevada.  The normal models of these cars use the Stock, white-coloured Lexus RX450h model with a Google branding and a mounted camera on the top to allow vision to drive itself.

While all may seem glorious and simple just thinking about being driven without touching the steering wheel, there are more things to think about.  One of which is the idea of getting penalize while riding in these vehicles if you’re under the influence.  I mean, yeah, you’re not driving the car and it’s the car’s job to get you to your destination, but do you think the nation could pass a national law that disables the ticketing of DUI passengers in a self driving car?  Is the future coming too soon?