The NiceBot

Steven Pagano, Reporter

Did you know that something mean is posted on Twitter every 60 seconds on average. That’s also only statistics for Twitter, not including other social media like Facebook. Cyberbullying is a major problem in today’s day and age.

Champions against Bullying was aloud to be the first people to be aloud to use automatic spam as a positive cause. Champions against bullying posted a video about the affects of cyber bullying. They created a Twitter account known as “The NiceBot“.

Launched on October 1st, Nicebot is programed to send out a tweet every 30 seconds. It sent out more than 6,000 tweets and hopes to eventually reach a total of all 300 million people on Twitter. The NiceBot is programmed to seek out other tweeters and give them some sort of compliment and cheer them up. These people know that one kind word can change a person’s day or even life.

Champions against Bullying believe that NiceBot “Can be a powerful tool to spread positive and empowering messages in a unique way.” About 43% of children say that they have had been cyber bullied before, while 70% say that they’ve seen it happen frequently. Well over half of children don’t tell their parents about this problem. Mean hurtful comments and spreading rumors are the most common type of cyberbullying. For more statistics on cyber bullying click here and for why it is such a problem click here.