In the Spirit of Christmas

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Christmas time is almost here. It’s a time where families come together to enjoy the spirit of the holiday to give gifts, put up the christmas tree, wear ugly sweaters that keep you warm and drink some nice hot cocoa. The colors of the christmas lights shining in the night, the hot steam from your hot cocoa makes you feel warm and nice, and your family that has given to you the gifts that you so dearly wanted. Appreciate them for what they’ve done for you to make you happy. We all love Christmas (especially because there’s no school).

Just remember, Christmas is not just a holiday vacation. It’s the time where we can enjoy the holiday before the next year comes. I know that Christmas means more to others because of religious reasons but everyone has different beliefs in what the holiday really means. Anyway, Christmas as it is can be good or bad. You may get bad gifts, you may get good gifts. It doesn’t matter what the gift is as long as you appreciate the holiday and how the the people who got you those gifts worked hard to make you happy. Understand that its not just a holiday. It’s the spirit of the holiday that counts to be with your family and enjoying Christmas Day.