Dengue Fever Is Still On The Rise

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

The Big Island of Hawaii now has 139 confirmed cases of dengue fever and rose by 3 over the weekend. The confirmed 139 cases of dengue fever was announced Monday afternoon by the Hawaii Department of Health. This amount of confirmed cases has just slightly risen from the 136 confirmed cases on Friday, a total that raised by 24 cases from the previous Monday.

In inclusion to the confirmed cases, Department of Health officials continue to release cases that have been omitted from the count due to, dengue testing results coming back negative, or that someone’s case information doesn’t have what health officials would find in dengue cases, or a combination of the two together.

Ever since Friday, another 87 cases have been added to the negative count, bringing the total of negative cases to a whopping 424 individuals. Monday’s past count of confirmed cases includes 17 off island visitors and 31 individuals under 18.

Symptoms of dengue fever include, sore joint/muscle aches, fever, headache or pain behind the eyes, and a rash.Any individual on the Big Island who believes they have contracted dengue fever should call their primary care physician.

For more information concerning dengue fever, visit the DOH website.