Winter Ball 101: Tips and Advices for Girls

Jashel Jose, Reporter

Hi y’all! Winter ball is coming up and here are some of my tips and advice for all of those attendees.

1. Don’t wear heels!

  • This tip is for those girls who are insecure about their height. Don’t worry about your height because you’re perfect just the way you are! Please avoid wearing heels unless you’re already used to it.

2. Cheap dresses

  • If you don’t have a dress yet, here are some affordable websites that gives you a variety of cute dresses to pick from:,,, and of course,

– P.S: Before you scroll through all of their dresses, filter the results to prices from low to high.

3. Perfume hack

  • If you want your perfume to last all night long, apply Vaseline on your neck area and wrists before spraying your favorite perfume.

4. Don’t stress out

  • I know that this is hard to avoid, especially with all of the finals and essays that’s coming up but try to relax as much as you can to avoid getting pimples.

5. Don’t pop your pimple!

  • Do you have an unwanted pimple? Well don’t pop it! Popping your pimple can result in scarring and it could infect your skin.
  • To get rid of your unwanted pimple, wrap an ice cube in a soft towel/cloth and place it on your pimple. Hold it in place for a minute and repeat the step for five times.

6. Baby hairs!!!

  • Want to hide your baby hairs? Spray an unused toothbrush with a little bit of hairspray and brush your baby hairs  away from your face.

I hope that these tips/advice will help you out!