Kohala Soccer Team Triumphs At Pahoa!

Kaid Nickl, Reporter

On December 12th, Kohala’s soccer team (1-2) secured their first victory on the Pahoa Daggers home field. The Cowboys came out 3-2 in a neck-and-neck game that had all spectators on the edge of their seats.

The action started at 3:00 with the simple blow of a whistle. Throughout the whole the game, action was intense. Besides the occasional lull from a player substitution or penalty, aggressive play and high levels of fervor were commonplace.

The first goal for Kohala occurred in the first half, and was from a breakaway run done by Louis Arraujo. However, Pahoa struck back in the late first half with a goal of their own. Not to be outdone, Kohala forward Chrisitian Cedillos retaliated in the second half with a goal of his own. Unfortunately, the Daggers returned another of their own quickly afterwards. Almost the remainder of the game was a tug-of-war for possession, although Kohala managed to keep the ball in an offensive position the majority of the time. With several shots already taken on goal and several saves from Pahoa’s goalkeeper, time was running short. Even with a strong offense picking away at the goal, it seemed that the game was doomed for overtime.

That all changed when Kohala set up for an offensive attack from a corner kick. With Arraujo already getting near shaves with past corners, it was only a matter of time. A beautifully arced shot flew over the heads of several defenders and nestled itself in the back of the net. From corner kick to goal, no one had touched it it was truly a skilled shot that saved the game for Kohala. Although Pahoa attempted at a final desperate push in the last minute, defenders Austin Salvador, Garbriella Boyle and Royce Manning held back the onrushing horde. Once the referee whistle blew it’s three iconic tweets, both players and spectators from Kohala burst into celebration. Truly an intense game from start to end, both teams fought very well.

Kohala plays at Makua Lani on Tuesday, Dec. 15th. Game starts at 3:00.