Finals Week Has Finally Arrived

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

Finals week or final semester exams have inescapably arrived. For most of us finals mean stress, cram-studying, exhaustion, and being a slave to time. Finals week marks the end of the semester and is the last 4 days of school standing between us students and winter break. Finals for most of us, likely, is the most crucial week making up a high percentage of our grades.

A great amount of students assume that the main objective of finals week is just to fail them. However, this is not the purpose for finals, finals give the teachers an opportunity to singularly evaluate each and every student to see what the student has learned since the first day of school and to see what the students currently fully understand.

Finals also give the teachers an understanding of the student’s overall standing in the class. This means, exposing the subjects or lessons the student struggles with, and also exposing the student’s strong points. The teachers will compare the scores of every student to see where each of them stand in the class, then improving the lesson plans based on the class’s average level of understanding of the previous lessons.

Finals is a tough and very crucial point in every high school student’s life. Grading from finals may disappoint and upset some, and make others feel uplifted and proud. Just remember to study, get good rest, and most of all try your best!