The History of Christmas

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

Christmas is most well-known as a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus. Christmas has evolved over the course of centuries into a worldwide festivity, incorporating numerous pre-Christian traditions into the celebrations. In present day, Christmas is a time for family reunions and a time for friends to get together and exchange gifts with one another.

The title “Christmas” originates from the Mass of Jesus. A Mass service or Communion is where Christians acknowledge the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Christ-Mass service was the only one that was permitted to take place after sunset, at Midnight. So we end up the title “Christ-Mass,” which is now shortened to Christmas.

The Bible itself doesn’t name an exact date of the birth of Jesus, but early Christians had an abundance of arguments about when it should be celebrated. The first date of Christmas being celebrated was on December 25th in 336AD. A couple years afterward, Pope Julius I officially announced the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on December 25th.

Christmas is currently celebrated by people worldwide, no matter if they are Christian or not. Christmas is a time of reunion and coming together as family and friends, showing appreciation for one another by exchanging of gifts and remembering the good times.