New Year’s Traditions; from old to new!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

There are many holiday traditions but there is one holiday that is quite different from any other. New Year’s; the time of romance and indulgence. We all welcome the New Year by having big parties, lighting fireworks and starting a New Year. Under all the great sparkle, glimmer and magic is an ancient holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years. In ancient times, New Year’s was a discovery of one year changing to the other. The people would even keep track of the days and observe when the New Year would come.

The Ancient Romans celebrated New Year’s with six days of carousing that are similar to our traditions today. It’s just the matter of time. Anyway, one day there was a missionary from England who came in to Rome in 742 to inherit the traditions of New Year’s to spread with the world. Many cultures around the world celebrate New Year’s their own way but it is still the same holiday with the parties, drinks and family.

Every New Year, families would gather to celebrate a good year. It would depend on what you do on New Year’s eve to determine if you have a good or bad year. The best way most families would celebrate New Year’s is lighting fireworks to ward off all the bad of the old year and to welcome the New Year and every year when the clock strikes 12,the New Year begins and the people would give a fiery welcome with all fireworks launching;  as much as possible until there are no more fireworks.

New Year’s is something special and the traditions still live on. Giving toasts, the midnight kisses, the countdown, and the New Year’s song “Old Lang Syne.” New Year’s traditions may have been different back then but we learned to make the traditions better. Hope you have a great New Year so we can all enjoy another great year.