Second Semester Has Arrived

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

Winter break is over and school is now back in session! For a majority of us students, this means stress, annoyance, discontent and horrible sleep schedules. A majority of students also share the opinion that our break went by too rapidly, leaving us feeling unsettled.

Although students wish their break had been longer, a decent amount of them expressed the boredom they felt during the break, due to them being unable to drive yet. Much like Summer vacation, Winter break is somewhat bittersweet, leaving students without long school hours and homework to occupy them with, but also not providing them with anything else to do.

Winters break’s end also marks the second semester’s beginning, providing students with a second chance to save their grades and raise their GPA. In most cases, poor grades from the first semester tend to impact student’s motivation and drive negatively. However, poor grades can be raised if students put in the required work and try their best in the second semester, which will, in turn, prevent them from repeating grades and/or specific classes.

Nowadays it is a common opinion that a majority of students tend to take school and their grades for granted, which leaves their future unpredictable and unclear.

This leads to the conclusion that school is, in fact, important and will impact student’s lives forever. My personal advice for students is just to pay attention, try their best, and to put in the required work. In my opinion, doing these things will guarantee success and raise grades.

Remember school is only in session for about 4 more months, so make that time count!