Where are the Trade Winds?

Jonard Asencion

Over the past week, we have had some heavy showers of rain that has caused some of our trade winds to suddenly blow away. As we wait for the trades to come back, we will be experiencing some vog all over the island.

With no trade winds blowing it all way, blame the vog if you’ve got some throat problems or a runny nose, especially if you have asthma. As long as the vog stays the way it is, it is advised for all people with asthma to be cautious when breathing in when you are outside.

To all the people who like to see the oceanside, sorry if the vog is blocking the view. It is not yet known if the vog will cover the entire island.

If you’ve been experiencing some nighttime heat or extreme heat during the day then that is another side effect of  having any trade winds blowing whatsoever.

Anyway, until further notice we’ll just have to wait until the trade winds come back, which will be expected sometime next week. Sorry for the inconvenience but bare with me, the trade winds will return eventually.

For more information on the trade winds and their effects on the island, visit hawaiinewsnow.com