Could This Hawaiian Stereotype Help Hawaii’s Homeless?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Hawaii is considering a very weird but effective way to solve the homeless problem happening in Hawaii. Have you ever heard about the many stereotypes of Hawaii? Coconut bras and grass skirts while the children try to surf to school. Many of these seem offensive, but this certain one could help. And maybe add some more sprinkle to the Hawaiian Culture here. Hawaii is considering to make it possible to help the homeless so they can live in traditional Hawaiian grass huts!

Via Hawaii News Now, Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland Said on Monday (Jan, 11th) that she would be introducing a bill to set aside land to build some traditional Hawaiian grass huts for the homeless. She also has said that they are taking into account the culture of the people they are trying to help.

These new grass huts could be more eco-friendly and connect people to their ancestors and, of course, give them a place to stay and build up until they can get onto their feet.

These new grass huts could be a wonderful chance for people who have been on the streets for such a long time. Any opinion on this new act? Share it in the comments below!