Waipio Valley Closed Due to Dengue Outbreak

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

As of  January 13, Waipio Valley has been closed to the public due to the ongoing dengue outbreak. Two more confirmed cases of dengue fever to the rising count brought the total count of confirmed cases to 215 individuals.

Civil Defense Administrator Darryl Oliveira reported there were six cases of dengue fever connected to the Waipio Valley area in the past few weeks. He also reported the specific areas that are closed include the Waipio Valley access road and the valley itself.

The closing of the valley is said to be a precaution to protect the estimated 150 individuals who visit the valley each day. Many people who come to the valley go there to view it’s lush, green beauty. Although the valley itself is now closed, people will still be able to view the valley from a distance at the lookout.

With Waipio Valley’s closure, this raises concern for lost income of area businesses and the impact the closure will have overall. Many area business owners have been expressing their concern for the effects the closure will have on their businesses, but are willing to put the safety of the people before their income. They agree they will lose money, but the bigger picture is the stop the spread of dengue in Hawaii.

The current dengue outbreak is said to be the largest in state history thus far, with 195 cases being of Hawaii residents. Many are hoping this outbreak ends soon, but as of now we must take precautions to ensure safety and security.

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