Big Winds Equals Big Waves!

Keokea Beach Park

Colleen Pasco

Keokea Beach Park

Jonard Asencion , Reporter

We all know that since last week we have had no winds due to heavy rain days. Now the the trades are back, winds will be picking up those waves. Be cautious all surfers! Tides will be expected to be knee and waist high and waves will be very dangerous for swimmers. High tides, for some strange reason, are stronger than normal high tides. Waves are expected to pull out more which will be dangerous when the waves hit shores.

I advise to any swimmer/surfer to be careful when the waves become fierce. Swells on the other hand are resulting in major warnings near the North and West coast sides. Trade swells will be small, only at waist to chest height. But to other sides of the beaches around the North and West coast must be aware for any major tides rolling in. Winds may vary in stronger waves. Kona and Hilo sides are expected for some fatal tides, so make sure to be careful if you are planning to swim near these beach sides.

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