Join Kohala High School’s SCU!

Kaid Nickl, Reporter

If you’re reading this article, there’s a huge chance that you already know about the Student Credit Union(also known as the SCU). You might even be a member. But did you know that the SCU sells discounted movie tickets and does prize drawing for Winter Ball tickets? Keep reading to find out more bonuses to joining the SCU!

To open your account, you need five things; A valid ID, your social security number, a completed account application form, and $5. Having a student account means that you don’t have to travel all the way to the main branch to withdraw or deposit, and allows for easy access to your funds.One instance that can be solved with an SCU account is a lunch loan. Just withdraw from the school branch and pay your loan!

Of course, being a member of the SCU is fun, but maybe you feel that you can be a bit more proactive. Personally, I am a board member, and I must admit that it is pretty cool to be a part of something more. And if you’re really up to the task, you can try to be elected as Secretary, Treasurer, or even the prestigious president! Since seniors are constantly leaving, we need new people to fill in these indispensable positions.

The SCU is also active outside the school. Last year in November, members of the SCU cleaned windows at the senior citizen housing in Ainakea. In December, they sang carols at North Kohala Hospital! Many people are glad and impressed that the Student Credit Union does activities like these to help out the community.

Set up an account at the SCU today! We are located in Mr. Douglas’ room and are open at lunch recess.

For more information, see Gabrielle Bartolome or Yuki Zbytovsky.